Are you looking for an effective way to promote your business, product or service? You’ve come to the right place. We will create a Top Quality marketing video for YOU!

Get a professionally made marketing video for social media engagement

Why choose Bethovic Marketing and Design Company?

Bethovic  is a committed digital company, and capable of Implementing video ad campaigns as effective way to promote your brand. This helps establish a strong connection with your target audience. Our digital marketing company provides a full range of video production services. We have world-class technologies and capable hands who produce optimized video ads for all platforms. Empower your brand and increase viewer interest through compelling video ads.


We don’t employ ‘jacks of all trades’ only highly trained specialists - in design, development and marketing.


At Bethovic Digital Agency, our service rates are considered normal. Value for money spent is guaranteed.


We have excellent track record that speak for us, we are reliable in all areas of our digital services. No agency can be more reliable like us.


We will support you. Our on-going support is second to none as we have the skills and the capacity to help you, when you need.


We offer the complete solution, we provide a full range of digital services and we deliver end-to-end solutions


We consistently deliver, our results speak for themselves. We will make sure your investment reaps rewards.

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Step 1: Place Your Order

Go through our commercial video packages and make a choice for your online ads, click ORDER NOW button and proceed to CHECKOUT.

Step 2: Fill Out The Questionaire

Fill out the questionaire form by giving your information and more details of what you ordered for.

Step 3: First Draft Delivered

At this stage, we forward you the draft commercial video of your products or services to your email in order for you to review and make a final suggestion.

Step 4: Final Draft Delivered

This is the final stage of the project. At this stage, we will forward you the original commercial video as ordered.

what our customers say


Stores and Grocery

When my husband recommended Bethovic Digital Agency for my instagram video ads, i never believed, but i got the best from it.


Product Drop-Shipper

My drop-shipping video ads was done by this company, they gave me the best. i am happy with their services, even my website was designed by them.


Textiles Dealer

They always want to listen to details, and very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. they did a good video for my business online ads

Our services

We develop a strong and consistent brand identity across all platforms with the help of our digital marketing video. We will closely monitor all your marketing campaigns and make sure to resolve any negative feedback against your brand. We offer review response service for all of our clients!

We offer 3 packages to match your commercial video for your ads


High quality marketing video

₦ 55,000

4 Days Delivery

commercial use

1 Length Variation

Background Music

Footage stabilization

Show Product Imagery

30 Seconds Running Time

Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads


High quality marketing video

₦ 75,000

5 Days Delivery

commercial use

2 Length Variation

Background Music

Footage stabilization

Show Product Imagery

45 Seconds Running Time

Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads


High quality marketing video


7 Days Delivery

commercial use

3 Length Variation

Background Music

Footage stabilization

Show Product Imagery

60 Seconds Running Time

Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads